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Why are some transfers faster than others?

If you are buying a vehicle mark that has previously never been issued or assigned to a vehicle the transfer time is usually between 3 and 14 days.

The reason for the speed in which marks of this nature may be transferred is due to the fact that there is no donor vehicle to be inspected by the Department for Transport.

Where a mark has been previously assigned to another vehicle there may be a need to arrange an inspection of the donor vehicle prior to completing the transfer. In order to make a vehicle ready for transfer the donor vehicle must be taxed and hold a current MOT certificate, these documents may take a few weeks to acquire from the donor.

In addition to the time required to obtain donor documents the governing bodies themselves require ample time to process transfer applications. The average transfer time requested by the governing bodies is two to three weeks. As you can see, whilst every attempt is made by us to perform the fastest possible transfer time delays may be out of our control.