BOSSREG - Number One For Number Plates

I have seen my own registration number being offered for sale on the BOSSREG web site and do not recall giving authority, why is it listed?

BOSSREG provide details of the many available marks Nationwide. In addition to selling thousands of our own stock items we also hold many public commissions and the stock and commissions of many other dealers throughout the UK. Occasionally, records are miss-typed and appear as an alternative combination that is in fact not for sale. Also there are circumstances where a recently acquired mark is still on our database due to the fact that the donor has failed to advise us of the sale and subsequent non-availability. If you have recently noted that your mark is listed and wish to provide us with further information or wish us to remove it from the web site, please send an email to not forgetting to specify the registration in question and the validation character off your V5 (log book) for confirmation.