BOSSREG - Number One For Number Plates

What do I get for my money when I buy a previously unissued mark?

Registration numbers are not items of property so you cannot buy legal title to them. What you pay for is the assignment right to the particular number.

The sale involves a legally binding contract between the Secretary of State and the purchaser for an agreed price. The purchaser is granted the right to assign the number to a vehicle registered in his/her own name, or that of his/her nominee where applicable, within a 12 month period. The assignment right is granted to the purchaser alone and it is non-transferable - the nominee has no rights to the number.

In addition to the agreed sale price, an assignment fee (currently 80) is payable at the time of purchase. Buyers are issued with a V750 Certificate of Entitlement, valid for 12 months, which records details of the registration number, the purchaser and nominee details where supplied at the time of purchase. If, after you have received your certificate, you wish to add or change nominee details, you will need to apply to DVLC, returning your certificate together with a fee of 25 sterling.

If you do not wish to assign the number within the 12 month period, you can apply to extend your assignment rights annually. There will be a charge of 25 for each extension.