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It's An Oasis

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It's An Oasis

One Oasis fan has taken his obsession with the Britpop band to a whole new level by getting a number plate inspired by songwriter Noel Gallagher's famous catchphrase.


The 'R KIIDDD' reg was spotted in a supermarket car park in the south of city, showing that despite the band having split up six years ago they are still loved by their home town fans.

The phrase is how Noel - the songwriter and driving force behind the group - used to refer to little brother Liam, the tearaway lead singer with whom he used to fight on a regular basis. Their feud ultimately destroyed Oasis in 2009.


He said in an interview with Q Magazine: "First time I saw Liam sing I thought, 'Our Kid’s got summat about him'."


The rocking reg plate was seen and snapped on a white Vauxhall Corsa at Asda in Longsight.


It’s not known who the owner is, but they were obviously picking up some Champagne Supernova and a Roll With It.