BOSSREG - Number One For Number Plates

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will attempt to answer the most frequent questions asked of us, however if there is something we haven't covered please feel free to get in touch.

Buying and Selling with BOSSREG

  1. What do BOSSREG sell?
  2. Where does the term "Cherished Number" come from?
  3. What are the basic regulations surrounding transfers?
  4. How do I go about buying a registration?
  5. Do you own all the registrations you are selling?
  6. What methods of payment do you accept?
  7. I want to buy a registration mark as a gift, but I don't want the recipient to find out, what should I do?
  8. How long does a transfer take?
  9. Are there any delivery costs?
  10. I have not received my V5 (Logbook)
  11. I have accidentally filled in the wrong section of the V317 form; do I need a new one?
  12. I have allowed my certificate of entitlement to expire, what do I do now?
  13. I have been told that the donor vehicle has been called in for an inspection. What does this mean?
  14. I have had the plates made up, but I have been informed that the transfer will not be going ahead. Will you compensate me for the plates?
  15. I cannot find the reg I want on your website. Can you find out who owns it?
  16. I know I can't put a registration on a car that's newer than the vehicle. What about Irish marks?
  17. I have bought a reg from yourselves, but it is still appearing on your website, what does this mean?
  18. I have sold a reg elsewhere that I advertised on your site, but it is still appearing as available. What should I do?
  19. My reg appears on your website but I can't remember giving you permission to advertise it. How can this happen?
  20. I am looking to sell my reg but don't know what it is worth, can you help?
  21. You have sent me out a quote for a plate, but I don't agree with your valuation, what do I do?
  22. Can I misspace the characters on my license plate so it looks like a word or a name?
  23. What is the "Retention Scheme"?

General Information

  1. What happens to my present registration number?
  2. Why are some prices subject to VAT?
  3. The windows on my car are etched. Does this effect the chance of being re-issued with the number presently showing on my vehicle, when I transfer my Cherished Number at some time in the future?
  4. What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the transfer has been completed and I no longer want the registration I have agreed to purchase from you?
  5. Can I pay by methods other than credit card?
  6. I paid a part payment by credit card and now I wish to pay the rest by credit card also. Is this okay?
  7. What does DVLA, VRO and DFT stand for?
  8. My V5 document says my registration number is non-transferable. Can I transfer a Cherished Number onto my vehicle?
  9. Why are some transfers faster than others?
  10. How can I find out about the status of my transfer?
  11. Do BOSSREG provide the acrylic plates?
  12. Does the recipient vehicle need to be inspected?
  13. Are there any restrictions to the transfer of a number with a year letter?
  14. How long does a transfer take?
  15. What happens if I need to tax or MOT my vehicle while the transfer is being processed?
  16. Is it possible to transfer a mark to a vehicle with a "Q" mark?
  17. Do I have to keep the registration on my vehicle for a certain time before I can transfer it again?
  18. If the recipient already has a mark can I transfer both at the same time?
  19. If my vehicle is new and not registered can I transfer a number onto it?
  20. Can I ask BOSSREG to try and obtain an un-issued prefix combination?
  21. I have seen my own registration number being offered for sale on the BOSSREG web site and do not recall giving authority, why is it listed?
  22. What do I get for my money when I buy a previously unissued mark?
  23. What if my vehicle is stolen and not recovered?
  24. What if my vehicle is "written off"?
  25. What if my vehicle has been scrapped?
  26. Who can apply to transfer a registration number to another vehicle?
  27. The donor or recipient vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland. Can I still effect a transfer?
  28. How and where do I apply?
  29. How will the donor vehicle be registered after the transfer has been completed?
  30. What will happen to the number currently on the receiving vehicle?
  31. When will my new registration documents arrive?
  32. When can I transfer my registration number again?
  33. What if the vehicle with the registration number has been stolen?
  34. May I transfer a number from or to a motorcycle or moped?
  35. How do I acquire a registration number?
  36. I have purchased the right to assign a particular number to my vehicle. However, as I already have a 'special' number on my vehicle, I need to transfer this in order to have the other number assigned. How do I go about it and how much will it cost?
  37. I have a number on 'retention' which I would like to assign to my vehicle. However, I already have a 'special' number on my vehicle and I wish to transfer this in order to have my retained number assigned. How do I go about it and how much will it cost?