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We are now taking purchase enquiries for the new 16 registration number plates. View the full range now. BOSSREG has an impeccable and unrivalled track record of securing any desirable registrations for clients on the day the DVLA release a new series. DVLA registrations are now bought online and it’s not surprising that on these release days there is fierce competition which in turn reduces the likelihood of securing your chosen registration yourself. We offer a service where we act on your behalf, and using our specially developed software, we are able to protect our customers from losing out to the competition. There is actually a 90% probability of us securing your new 15 reg number plate. This figure is based on our previous success rate. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you nearer the time. We adopt an ethical policy at BOSSREG; we will not make another reservation for the same plate. First come first served. And please don’t worry; if in the very unlikely event we cannot secure your ‘15’ number plate, you will receive a full and immediate refund as stated in our contract. Don't leave it to chance. We have the knowledge, experience and most important, the technology to give our clients the best opportunity. Search for your '16' registration number plate using the search facility or just make an enquiry using the simple form below. Feel free to enquire about as many 16 reg number plates as you like.

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