BOSSREG - Number One For Number Plates

How to buy

Buying from BOSSREG could not be easier, simply following the following instruction.

  1. Find your plate

    Find your perfect number plate by using our search page or by browsing our catalogue.

  2. Submit your enquiry

    Once you have found the combination you require submit the enquiry to us.

  3. We do the hard work

    Upon receiving your enquiry we will immediately contact the vendor and establish availability and confirm the price.

    We will inform you of our findings A.S.A.P. and should you wish to proceed with the purchase we will require a deposit of 10% of the purchase price.

  4. Complete the purchase

    On receiving the deposit we will contact the vendor for all the necessary paperwork.

    When we receive the paperwork from the vendor, we will contact you and will require your details as well as the balance of payment.

  5. Transfer the registration

    Upon receiving all of the above we will initiate the transfer of the registration mark from the vendor to you.

Please DO NOT hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on buying procedures or indeed anything else that you require clarification on. We are here to help and are only too pleased to hear from you. Thank you, and happy hunting.