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Cherished Number Plates

What Are They?

Cherished number plates are private or personalised number plates that have a special meaning or sentimental value. In most cases people choose their initials and dates of birth to make their car look extra special and stand out from the rest. However, when it comes to the ultimate in a status symbol it is the number 1's that are considered the ultimate cherished number plate. Cherished Number plates is just one of many terms that people use to describe a unique number plate. They use terms such as “Private Number Plate” , “Personalised Number Plates” and many more. A Cherished Number Plate pretty much says it all in its title it's a plate that is very special to someone.  However the most exclusive and expensive Cherished Number Plates are the dateless number “1” plates or infact an dateless plate.  These plates can often be very expensive basically because of the status and exclusivity they show. We do however have many other cherished number plates that people can buy on a budget. We have registrations available for as little as £100. Why not have a search for that special number now!   What Are Cherished Number Plates When people talk about ‘Cherished Number Plates’, they often associate them with historic backgrounds, famous, prestigious & wealthy people or number plates that have regognition, status and that been in families for years, passed down through generations. Cherished number plates can be all of the above and are basically any 'dateless' registration issued before the 'year idenifier plates' or suffix plates appeared. Although it must be said that the term 'cherished' is rarely used these days having been replaced by 'personal plates' or 'private plates' in the main.   Are Cherished Number Plates And Personalised Number Plates The Same Although some people name them differently, cherished number plates and personalised number plates are essentially the same. Attractive combinations of letters and numbers on a vehicle registration plates are referred to as ‘cherished registrations’ or ‘personalised registrations’ plates. Many people regard buying cherished number plates as a safe investment for their money, especially in these times of economic hardship. Many people now buy them as gifts for their loved ones or simply for themselves, in the hope that they may have increased in value when the time comes to sellat a later date. Dateless style numbers usually make the best investments although the exact combination of letters and numbers determain their 'worth'. Some of the highly sort after number plates can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction such as F 1, fetching over £400,000 How To Sell Cherished Number Plates As stated earlier, many people buy cherished number plates as an investment in the hope of making money when they sell their plates at a later date. Some people, may be lucky enough to be given a number plate with an attractive sequence of letters and numbers. Regardless of how you acquired the number plate, you may at some point wish to know it’s true value before you sell it.  The easiest way to get an instant quote is to use our Instant Valuation Service.