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UK To Introduce Green Number Plates For Zero Emission Vehicles

The UK Government has announced that special licence plates with a green band on the left hand side (where the blue EU stars symbol used to be located) will be introduced this coming Autumn to help identify electric cars, plus other zero emission vehicles.

At the same time, the British Government will also commit a further £12 million in green vehicle research and development funds.

These new number plates with a distinctive green band on the left will make the identification of all zero emission vehicles – be they passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, coaches and buses – easier for local authorities to issue special regulations for pure electric and other zero emission vehicles.

The green reflective plates will be white at the front and yellow at the rear, with clear black letters and figures, as per today, with a green strip on the left side. The use of these new licence plates will not be made mandatory for all zero emission vehicles registered in the UK, but it is likely that this will become popular as an easily visible form of ‘bragging rights’ for the owners and users of such vehicles.  

The British Government claims that’s this new green number plate band will make the granting of special benefits for clean mobility on the UK’s roads, unlocking a number of incentives for the drivers of greener vehicles as part of its planed initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from road transportation.