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Got A Better Plate In The End!


Testimonial for DAR 4D

I contacted BOSSREG after my frustration in having missed the chance to buy the registration number D4 RAD direct from the DVLA due to their phonelines having gone down on the day of release.

Sam managed to contact the buyer of D4 RAD after a few days of detective work however the new owner refused to sell. It was then that Sam sugeested that he may be able to get DAR 4D issued via a DVLA auction if it had not already been issued?

He investigated this and came back with good news, the number was available for issue at a future auction and after waiting for quite some time Sam contacted me to inform me that the number was included in the next auction, I instructed him to go ahead and bid on my behalf.

He did this at the auction and managed to secure the number for me at a very reasonable price.

The number was then transferred to my car within about 10 days and I have had it ever since and I cannot recommend BOSSREG enough in the way they dealt we me and other family members whom have bought numbers from them since and will do so in future as well because in the end I got a better number!