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Testimonials (JOG 5Y)

I contacted several dealers but only one could help!


Testimonial for JOG 5Y

Over the years I made contact with several dealers trying to locate the number JOG 5Y as I am known as JOGSY, my nickname. All of them said that they couldn't help and seemed very dis-interested in helping me and instead, trying to sell me something they had on their books.

It wasn't until I came across Bossreg that I became a little more optimistic because after chatting with Sam I was assured that he would do his best to locate this number.

Sam came back to me within a few days saying that he had some good news. This was the fact that he had assertained that the registration number JOG 5Y had never been issued and thus that he could request its issue and get it listed for sale via a future DVLA auction. I instructed him to do just that and he advised me that it could take anything from a few months to a couple of years for it to appear at auction, I said I was prepared to wait.

The number was indeed listed for auction within around eight months and Sam contacted me to advise me of it. We then arranged to meet at the auction where Sam bid on my behalf and secured the number for me at much less than I was willing to pay.

Since then we as a family have bought several numbers from Sam and he has dealt with us on a friendly but professional basis and has delivered exactly what he stated every time.

Keep up the good work guys!


Jogsy D.