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N112 MAL

Testimonial for N112 MAL

I contacted BOSSREG regarding buying a personalised registration number. I had always thought that I had no choice but to have my initials rather than my name on a plate as I have what I thought was a complicated asian name.

It was only have speaking with Sam that I realised it may be possible both to have my forename and surname with various combinations, however it soon became clear that my surname would be beyond my budget.

Also the combination that reads as my forename had not been issued and I thought that was the end of it but was surprised when Sam suggested that he could maybe get it released via an auction.

To cut a long story short this is what Sam did and the DVLA released the N112 MAL combination via one of their auctions as per Sam's request where Sam bid on my behalf and managed to buy the number at well within my budget.

I am a very happy customer and would recommend BOSSREG to one and all as their advice was honect, clear and accurate.