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I Can't Recommend BOSSREG Highly Enough


Testimonial for X5 TCH

I picked up the recorded delivery from the post office yesterday at 12:30 and by 13:30 I had bought and fitted the new plates. I can't believe how painless the whole process was. I always imagined that changing plates would be a highly bureaucratic business with lots of red tape and hoops to jump through - but not a bit of it. It was one of the easiest on-line purchases that I ever made.
I can't recommend BOSSREG highly enough. The X5 plate with my initials was a bargain at £1600, and all the work was done by you. My £10K, 2003 X5 looks like a £30K car now and our neighbours must think we're rich. Its given my old motor a new lease on life.
See photo attached. Thanks very much for all your help.
Best Regards,